Wednesday, August 15, 2012

young stars of pooping, 2012

I am an aural person, this much is true.  I have been around 2-8 week old babies a good bit recently.  I like these babies, they're good folk.  I'd like to now draw attention to their pooping, and some sonic aspects thereof.

Just as the vocal chords of infants (and toddlers) are nearly as powerful as those of adults, only without the mental regulation most folks possess, the sonic potential of the baby fart/poo is unsubtle and brazen, just as an adults can boldly be.  Of course when your diet is just milk, things are different, but I've been struck for the first time by the sound of someone, anyone, audibly shitting through clothing (a diaper and a onesie in these instances).  Quite a powerful sound for the untrained ear, and I imagine not much different from the sound an adult would produce in a similar situation.

Just think of that next time you're around a baby.  Think of a grown up shitting their pants and what it would sound like.  I wonder if there's some sound-proofing built into diapers.