Tuesday, November 4, 2014

hair back there

People don't talk much about butt hair - hair within the butt crack/butt hole territory, as opposed hair on the cheeks of the butt.  I understand why, it's not a particularly pleasant subject.  I've never (as far as I can remember) discussed it here.  Recently, I've been noticing my butt hair, which is never a good thing.  For some possibly vestigial reason, it's good that it's there, but being overly aware of it is probably coterminous with not feeling like your butt is well-cleaned.  And recently that's the feeling that I've had - Lady Macbeth like, feeling like no amount of wiping or rinsing will make your butt clean.  So you start to blame the hair.  And once or twice or whatever, when you're a younger person, you're like, I'll do something about it, I'll trim that damned butt hair!  And you realize that that in and of itself is a tricky proposition, but you give it a go, get some hairs out of there with a small scissor or what have you, only to realize mostly you just feel self-conscious and your butt apparatus doesn't feel or work any differently.  No, trimming is not the way to go.  Really, these times when you're all noticing the butt are just meant to be waited out.  Maybe some day I'll have longer butt hair and this won't be the case any more, action will be necessary, but for now, I just wait it out.