Wednesday, June 27, 2018

feces as commentary in public

I was in a restaurant in the suburbs the other day. It was a totally fine place, I was a guest of someone else there and wasn't paying. I went to the bathroom and noticed some TP in the open waste basket (it was really a basket) with some shit on it. I thought, what a power move to leave something like that so visible (and smell-able) in a place with no sign of plumbing issues that would necessitate the waste basket for such a purpose. I thought about who might have left such a device of power move-age and then it seemed petty. The clientele is fancy suburbanites. The people who'll have to deal with it are likely the laborers of the establishment rather than management. Anyone who feels the need to get back at laborers (waitstaff, bartender, bussers, etc) is a schmuck anyway.

Anyway, what is the right time to go at an establishment with feces? Is there a good time to upper deck someone (which as far as I understand can consume a lot of time and money to fix)? I remember friends in high school upper decking a toilet at an anti-Semitic country club, that seemed like a pretty good instance, though again the prominent anti-Semites probably weren't the people who had to deal with it directly, but surely heard about it and got some sort of message. In this case, leaving shitty TP in the wastebasket might not even merit a mention to management. Something more like throwing your shit yourself is the more direct and visceral way to go. Not that I'm planning on any of these things, but I was thinking about shit as protest and when it's appropriate and how. See what I did there, I summarized the ideas at the end of the post.