Monday, April 3, 2017

Dumplock Holmes

Sometimes I consider myself a forensic dumpologist.  An amateur forensic dumpologist, of course.  No one pays me for my time and my insights.  In other words I like to think about the mechanics of the bathroom.

Some times you think, did that person take a dump?  And then you use some visual and olfactory clues to see if they did.  Not because they did something wrong or gross, just that the biographical info of where and how this person dumps are general things they're unlikely to share with you in conversation.  Maybe you notice some dump marks on the toilet bowl, and you have insights into the size and consistency of their dump (e.g. it was massive and solid enough to leave marks).  Maybe you have sonic clues to help you interpret things as well.  That's always kind of nice.  Maybe you gain insights into this person's routine, how chaotic their life in their home is, etc.

It's not that I'm trying to solve anything, it's that the acquisition of information is an end in and of itself.  And dump info is often pretty fleeting.