Wednesday, January 27, 2016

stool in multiple senses

It's been a choppy time of late.  I feel like I can't get a clear line on it.  The sitting position I take for taking a dump just doesn't feel right, and things come out not cathartically and in many pieces.  I feel like I have more in there when I'm done.

I did have one pretty glorious one a few weeks back when I put my feet up on my partner's little box of menstrual products (don't tell her!).  Sort of squatting toilet style but with less dramatic angles.  Things opened up more with that one.  But other times I've tried that technique and it hasn't had as much success.  Maybe it's more a matter of diet right now.  Diet hasn't changed but you never know... has it?  I'm gonna keep investigating knee position and use of an additional stool (of sorts) to make things better.  The world is full of so many things & options.