Tuesday, September 29, 2009

snot vs. crap

As previously stated, I'm kind of sick. There's a lot of snot, aka mucus, around my skull at the moment.

I think if the way mucus flows and the ways I try to get rid of it. It's not pretty. I like to stand around, usually above a sink, perhaps in the shower if I'm already there, and blow out through my nose. I discovered this a few years back as being generally more cathartic than using a tissue. The problem with the tissue is that you can blow only as much as the capacity of the tissue. When using a sink or similar receptacle, you can blow freely until all the snot is out (or until something better comes along).

My snot two days ago was almost water. I bring this up on doodoobloggin because it's like those times when your poop is almost water. How can this be? you think. I know I'm of a high water content, but seriously body. Get something else in there, eh? The flow may be different, although the urge to let flow is quite similar, and both mucus and feces have the great ability to make an excreter think Holy cow, what the deuce is inside of me?

Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm sick. This is not impacting my doo doo all that much, but sometimes it does. And frankly it seems like a good sign that my poop is healthy, if it weren't, it might be H1N1 panic time, right? Just wanna be a part of the zeitgeist. A terrible thing to be left behind on.
Pooped on an island (twice!) this weekend. A small island. In Boston harbor. Perfectly nice place to do so.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh, yesterday was a powerfully gassy day. Oh boy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new rooms

Where was it that I pooped today? Ah. Men's room, second floor of Gershwin Hall at BC. Surprisingly not that bad, despite general bustedness of bathroom. I'd been holding it for a while, so maybe it was the satisfaction of release, it's hard to tell sometimes. There's the physically good poop in the environmentally non-that-great place, and it's still a good poop. What you bring to the table is always more important than the setting, as every good writer should know.
Authorial doo doo.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

more vegetal?

The pooping situation at Br. College may be less fruitful than I had hoped. You see, my initial reconnaissance was during the summer, when there's far lower usage. Scanning the various library bathrooms yesterday, I was confronted with some larger turds which had been left behind, rather than the calm, clean bathrooms I had previously experienced. The ratio of people to bathrooms is not so good, and the usual spots (in abstract unis) in which to find good poop-spots have not really paid off as of yet. I'll keep looking, but I may be holding it more often these days. Then again, I did plenty of pooping at previous work position, at an music school in Manhattan with mediocre bathroom options (they've gotten better recently).