Sunday, August 29, 2010


Why, at this very moment, I have to poop.
You may ask, why are you writing about it, rather than doing it?
But I would say I am describing the contemporary condition.
And very soon I will just go ahead and poop.
Be well,

Monday, August 23, 2010

in regards to crab

I have eaten crab three times in my life (knowingly). Once was Lynn's birthday this past May. Twice was in Java as part of a lunchtime seafood treat with Pak S & Bu M. The third time was this past Friday with BWB at Sriphaprai - fried soft-shell crab with green curry (with pumpkin!). Based on very little, I have gone into each experience expecting my poop to come out the other end on the runny kine. I don't really remember the first two times; if it was, it was nothing serious. This third time was also unremarkable, although I did poop probably five times on Saturday, which is a little high on the average these days, and the third was particular runny. Maybe it was the crab, maybe not. You see how what I'm describing is my self-conditioning, right?

Monday, August 16, 2010


With an updated roster as of last Sunday, here are the major geographic bodies on which I can remember having pooped:

North America
Great Britain
Hawaii (as in the big island)
Long Island

one of the Harbor Islands off Boston
Eagle Island, ME
Deer Island, ME
Fire Island, NY
Aran Islands, IE (kind of speculation, it was 1991)
part of Hong Kong (where the airport is)

I think I've never gone on Staten Island.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

clean again

Okay, it's not like it's been continuously clean since that last post about it, but this morning the burning clean syndrome saved my butt. Ha.
We were out of toilet paper, I was puttering this morning and eventually there was a sharp need for making doo doo, and quick-like. No time to get TP. However, I had not taken a shower yet and I am equipped with Javanese theories of what to do in lieu of TP, so I was not scared. Plus, there were like six squares left on the old roll. As it was happening, I was not confident we were burning clean, but when I went to wipe, guess what? No need for panic. Thanks, burning clean. I used like four squares anyway, just to be sure. 2 x 2.