Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This morning, I took a dump that looked more like red velvet cake than any dump I can remember having taken.  This was a second morning dump, a category of dumps that usually is loose and insistent and copious.  Like RVC, the secret was beets.  Lots of beets yesterday, and so today, a loose and wooly oblong ball of feces that upon visually spotting it, looked like something sweet.  Was it?  Can't say.

Monday, November 14, 2016

finding refuge

Pooping is political.  Doo Doo Bloggin' stands with the transgender, intersex, and GNC folks who seek spaces of peace and privacy in their daily lives.  That other populations have lashed out with their fears and anxieties to deprive trans folks and others of these most basic rights is shameful.  We here at DDB feel it is our duty to share Refuge Restrooms as a great resource for finding bathrooms comfortable for transgender, intersex, and GNC folks, and we encourage everyone to add bathrooms to the site, as the information thereon is compiled by the public.