Thursday, September 28, 2017

no apologies

I wrote last year about how I want to share my support of others when they've had a big crap in the loo just before I go in there.  It's not a thing of shame at all, it's something we can find solidarity around.

Last night in midtown Manhattan, I was at a restaurant.  I was waiting for a minute to get into the single stall bathroom.  The person before me came out, made eye contact with me, which is rare, and then gave a little performative "I'm sorry about that" shrug, all wordlessly.  I'd never experienced that before.

I wanted to say it wasn't necessary - first off, the seat was down (this was a men's room, so I don't know the person before me took a dump, but the odds are good) and it barely smelled of shit.  So even if I felt vengeful for being subjected to the shit-smell of another, nothing to worry about there.  But I don't, and I hope that person never feels the need to give that shrug to anyone ever again.  Poop it out and do it proud, I say.  Stink up the joint... for me!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

hard to say goodbye

Sometimes I regret the incredibly brief periods of time I get to spend my with poop before I flush it away.  For the record, I look back, and the other day, I was looking back, saw the few discrete turds I'd produced, and wondered about them.  What their journey to becoming those turds was like, what their aspirations were.  And I just covered them up with TP and flushed them.  Cold.  Maybe some day I'll have my life better set up to know each shit a little better.