Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Airports in the Past

There's something really beautiful about the steady stream of guys pooping in stalls in airport bathrooms. Patiently waiting while others use the urinal, getting in there, blasting a dook, having a little privacy. I'm doing it right now!

multiple Alberta takes

In Calgary, I took a great many little poops.

I'm Edmonton, it was fewer, more significant poops. One such Edmonton poop occurred in perhaps the finest bathroom I have ever known. It happened in a church. The bathroom, or washroom as the signs say up here, was a single-occupant model. It featured a comfortable toilet, a floor urinal (the best kind), two sinks, a choice of two hand soaps, and a lot of art on the walls. There was a general feeling of privacy and calmness that prevailed there. A feeling that your dookus was been dooked in a respectful environment. An honor to have crapped there.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Canadleroo Doo Doo

My first poop in Canada in six years. A small one. More substantial poops shall be had in this substantial country.  Will keep you posted.

Once, at age 15, I didn't poop for a week in Canada. My first time there. In the woods, way up north. I was scared. I wasn't up to the wood-pooping task at that time. At present, that idea, not pooping for a week, seems simply ludicrous. Why? How? A kind a catharsis I hope to never have again. That was early Canadian pooping, or lack thereof.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Of course, it would be amazing to not have to poop.  Ever.  From the perspective of managing and reducing waste, it would be a terrific blessing.  Lately, I feel like I'm wasting things when I have to use water and paper to clean up after taking a BM.  I am, more or less, as much as anyone else is.  But to poop is to think.  I shan't give that up.  To poop is to welcome opportunity.

I'm not sure where the acceptable amount of waste ends in this world.  I'm not certain that I'm thinking as much as I should be, either.  And all of this can be measured in stools.  Time to start trying harder.