Friday, March 23, 2018

the Versatile Butt

I just took a shit that poured out of me.  The verb is my focal point here.  It was kinda gross, kinda satisfying.  The stool was in me while I was sitting at a computer and working, then I walked to the toilet, sat down, opened my ass, and the shit poured out of me.  Like cereal out of a box, or like pickled eggs from a jar.

How amazing is it that other times there is no pouring at all, nothing like that even?  The ass can pinch, can force, can squeeze, can fart, can shoot, can fold, can sculpt.  It's a team effort, organ-wise, from the brain to the hand to the mouth to the stomach to the intestines to get shit coming out the way it does, but I credit the butt with accommodating such a range of expression.

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