Thursday, December 27, 2018

clock strikes 12

A quick year-end rear-end check-in:
Right now my shitting routine is consistent for the first part of the day. I'll shit once between 8:30 and 10am. A second one will follow usually in the mid-afternoon, though sometimes sooner. Maybe there's an evening one too, maybe not. This is all pretty status quo for my adult life.

The change is that the last week or two I've been forced to add a shit just before bed. Now, if you have a large shit before bed and really say your piece, then it can be a great institution. But these are slow, pushy shits. They're not fun. It's creating a kind of work at the hour when you'd like to be done with work. I don't care for it and I hope the solid mass I'm excreting in these instances is subsumed into other, more mentally uplifting shits.

Happy end of 2018, dear readers.

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